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Why I choose not to call myself a Travel Agent.

I am a sucker for a good convention or trade show. This years Home based Travel Agent Forum hosted at the Venetian Hotel inLas Vegas, Nevada was just what proverbial doctor ordered. I loaded up my suitcase with more clothes than I could possibly wear in the 5 days that I’d be in Vegas and boarded the plane to Sin City. I was more than ready to learn all that I could learn about new destinations, tour operators and most importantly how to be an even travel agent. As in any home based career, isolation from colleagues can be a real drag so rallying up travel professionals from around the United States and doing what we do best : talking travel, does a traveling mind good. It’s inspiring and motivating and it most definitely re-instills in my soul a sense of “meant to -be- ness” in the travel industry. As I sat and listened to travel guru, Mark Murphy tell us about how NOW is the time to be a travel agent, it dawned on me that creating dream vacations and memories that last a lifetime for…