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It's spring . . . now, get me the heck out of here!

It is April 13th, I believe. It's hard to be sure considering the fact that here in Minnesota ( home of Viva la Vida Travel), winter has been our constant companion since roughly mid October. At this stage of the game, most of us Mid-westerners are at our wits end.We are numb to the cold with  glazed over eyes that have been blinded by the continuous white landscape;the idea of any other colors existing in this world really does seem like some sort of wild fantasy.

Today, Viva la Vida Travel will bring you snippets of colorful inspirations intended to get you thinking about your next adventure. The beautiful thing about taking time to travel is that it affords us new landscapes, sounds, tastes, and experiences just when we need it the most. It's integral to our survival, especially for us Midwesterners in the dead of winters  (and in this years case, spring.) Let the power of photos take you places in your mind. and as you dream about how you'd love to go there, turn your…