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"Por que te vas a la escuela? La escuela no te da de comer. . ."

The translation of the title goeslike this, “ Why go to school? School isn’t going to feed you.”This is a phrase that is commonly used amongst the poor and uneducated peopleof El Salvador as well as other countries in Central America. It's a way of stating the importance of working to eat and live versus the importance of working to learn. It may seem backwards but when all people have ever known is the working and uneducated life, anything else seems frivolous.
For many people on the outside looking in, this type of mind set or behavior appears to be very neglectful ~ in many ways, it is neglectful, but not intentionally so.In countries where poverty is prevalent and merely existing in daily life requires the work ofmany to bring little to the table, time off to go to school and learn takes able bodied hands away from their time clock of life.
As I strolled through the streets of various towns in El Salvad…