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Why traveling and cross cultural experiences matter

I don't think we realize how much our perceptions, opinions, pre-conceived notions, biases etc. of other cultures really impact our daily lives and interactions with those around us. We have become so accustomed to reacting to our own thoughts and societally bred opinions that we tend to let them isolate us from broadening our own horizons when it comes to understanding other cultures. We assume that what we are fed by media or by our own upbringing is an accurate assessment of people from other cultures, but in reality it is only a one sided approach that tends to leave many questions unanswered or simply assumed.
I have always been interested in learning about other cultures customs and ways of doing things. Not only do other cultures fascinate me but so do the people in my own back yard. Everyone has a different way of living and there is no one size fits all to living a life ~ more often than not, we use different forms of media to gauge if we're on the right path or not …

Make it count.

As I sit here at my desk, watching the rain fall and listening to the music of  Chopin and contemplating the funeral of a 17 year old classmate of my own child, I begin to reflect. Funerals are the end all finale of a life lived. It is where the emergency break on our own mortality gets pulled hard and fast and we begin to think about our lives differently. It's inevitable that we will question our purpose in life while honoring the life of someone no longer physically with us. It's inevitable that our souls will weep. Funerals are difficult but as much as they are difficult, they can be inspiring.
Today I attended the celebration of life of a 17 year old classmate of my son. He was taken far too soon from us and the heartache that filled the room was all consuming. As I looked around the church, I saw this young man's soccer team in full uniform, I saw his basketball team in uniform, I saw his Boy Scouts troop, in uniform, and lastly the whole entire marching band from h…

Break free from the cocoon.

What do you crave?
As I grow older, I have begun to realize that what used to do it for me in terms of activities, travel, my social scene, and everything in between has changed. The activities that used to define me have now become memories of a life lived ~ in younger years. It's the natural evolution of our lives to grow into ourselves, break free from each and every cocoon that we find ourselves stuffed into branch out into new versions of ourselves.
That being said, I think that that we as humans pigeon hole ourselves into a way of being that others have defined for us based on who we WERE at one point in time or based on who others WANT us to be and in turn, we lose sight of what WE crave and who we've become in this very moment of our lives. It's happened to me time and time  again and I've seen it happen to many friends over time.
So, let me ask you this ( and be honest with yourself) ? Right now, where you are at in your life, what is it that you crave? What …