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"I'm fu$%ing lost."

The real truth. 
I got a message late last night from a woman saying this, " I desperately need one of your trips, I'm so fucking lost." This came from a woman who has been tirelessly battling her own personal demons and has gotten to a point of being "fucking lost."

I got to thinking about the messages I send while traveling, the perceived notion that travel helps people find themselves, and all of a sudden, I felt a huge amount of guilt for seemingly showing the pretty side of how travel transforms without laying the foundation of HOW it changed me and WHAT in me needed to change. No one ever wants to put the ugly side of their life out for the public to see but the truth is, no matter how pretty the picture, or no matter how inspiring the quote is, there's always a side of the story that few get to hear; the hard part.

I think to some degree, we've all been "there". We've gotten so caught up in our lifes choices, both good and bad, tha…