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The difference makes the difference.

I think that it's the expectation amongst most travelers who are not well versed in Central American countries that all countries are basically the same. Perhaps it's the idea  that Spanish is the general language spoken thus making them one in the same. Central American countries DO speak Spanish however there are several other local/ indigenous dialects that are unique to each country which differentiate one country from the other, that amongst many other factors.

I have traveled to several states in Mexico and have found that the culture and dialects are different in every single state, just as it is here in the United States as well as everywhere else in the world. If you were to visit northern Mexico  you'd have a completely different experience than if you visited the state of Chiapas in the south of Mexico.

The countries of Costa Rica and Nicaragua are vastly different although they share similar landscapes and language, they couldn't be more different. Costa R…