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How to reconnect with your teenager through travel . . . if even for a little while.


Part of my vision as a Travel Ambassador is to impart the notion that traveling actually has the ability to help improve peoples lives, not only for the short run but perhaps even for the long haul.  Taking a vacation is not the cure all for whatever ails you nor will it whisk away that which you are trying to escape from, but it most certainly will deliver new ideas, perspectives and friendships into your life. Traveling will also give you great insight into what makes us and those around us tick.

As humans, we often lose sight of ourselves as we plow through the days that make up years without giving much thought to our true selves or to what really makes our hearts happy. It happens to us as adults and it especially happens to adolescents.

Teenagers are bombarded with social media and are connected to their devices almost 24/7. Phone in hand, head down, fingers typing and zero attention to the what's going on in their very own presence. I know this beca…