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While at a local women's conference I was chatting with some of the participants at my Viva la Vida Travel booth in the market place. One lady in particular got me thinking about resort only vacations. You know the type, where you go to a tropical destination, stay at an all-inclusive resort, belly up to the swim up bar and then never leave for one full week. I'm always interested in hearing about people's vacations so I asked her, "How was it? What'd you do?" Her response was, "Absolutely nothing. We never left the resort." As we continued our conversation, she went on to say how when she returned home she was so stressed out because of all the work she had to do, then she got sick, blah blah blah. We started to talk about how maybe those vacations where you do absolutely nothing may be more detrimental to your well being than say a vacation where you are more active. Let's be real here, we can't make up for lost sleep that we may suffer fr…

Quick Friends

When people travel, they inevitably meet people along the way that they connect with.  If we are open enough to talk to strangers, we'll  most certainly meet new friends and that's the beauty of travel ~ it creates a physical distance from everything we know yet it bridges a gap between ourselves and other cultures/people bringing us closer to others and in turn ourselves.

Quick friends are those that you meet while traveling. They are the ones you meet just on a whim, almost by fate if you will. You discover you have so much in common although you live worlds apart but in the moment, you find yourself in the same place at the same time and voila! you've got yourself a quick friend. You discuss things with this complete stranger who you feel as though you've known forever that you wouldn't dare share with even  your family members. You're connected through travel and maybe it's the anonymity of traveling that allows us to let our guard down and simply BE; w…