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Life lessons learned from surfing.


A couple of years ago I tried surfing and did what I thought was actual surfing. Okay, well, let me rephrase that. I did some land lessons and learned the ropes on how to pop up on the board and assumed it would be fairly easy to translate those instructions into real life surfing. Being the beginner that I was, I pulled my board out into the shallow waters in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and headed out to my meet my instructor. I didn't paddle out there, no, I lugged my board out and dodged waves by ducking under the water with my board over head ~ as instructed by my surf coach ~ and was completely distracted by the salt water burning my eyes and throat. I finally arrived at the breaker point and we watched as the little, unridable waves came in and washed over us. Finally, as we floated in the ocean, a good wave was en route and ridable. My instructor told me to hop on my board and paddle and then pop up when he said "UP!" I did just that and failed.…

Viva la Vida Travel.

In the event you are wondering what my vision statement is, take a look:
"Viva la Vida Travel is a one of a kind travel agency focusing on creating culturally enriching travel experiences that bring to life the people, environment and traditions of the cultures being explored. It is my goal to open the hearts, minds and souls of my clients; helping transform lives by creating travel packages for individuals and families that cultivate moments of discovery, awareness, adventure, exploration and joy! "
When many people think of a "Travel Agent" they think of a person sitting behind a desk in a storefront office with posters of white sand beaches and cruise ships plastered all over the walls.That is not me.  I am a one woman show, free from flashy posters and advertisements. I rely on my own personal presence and knowledge to "sell" travel.  I approach travel as an emotional and life changing event. It is not my goal  to pitch the latest and greatest travel …