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The benefits of a local guide.

Travel is such a funny thing.

There are so many different types of travelers that getting to know my clients is the FIRST and MOST important thing I can do when their planning vacations.

When my clients begin to plan their vacations with me, it's critical to know what kind of traveler they are. Some travelers prefer to get to their destination and explore on their own and others prefer to have a guide. Many clients do copious amounts of research on their upcoming trip and decide that they will navigate their trip on their own based on their own research. There is no right or wrong in how people choose to experience their travels but when it comes to traveling to a new destination and exploring, I often encourage people to choose to travel with a local guide.

Self-guided travel is amazing and creates moments of spontaneous adventure but it can also be exhausting and challenging. While I was in Japan, on a guided trip with G Adventures, I kept running into the same two women from E…