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The packing list.

Every single time I hit the road or the skies, I get this twinge of anxiety over what I am going to pack for my travels as I often tend to over pack. I'm one of those folks who thinks I'm going to wear all 6 pair of those shoes I packed for a 7 day trip but only wind up wearing 2 of them and then find myself cursing at the rest of the shoes I packed because I no longer have space to haul back my new found treasures. It's a dilemma I face every single time I travel but as I become  more and more seasoned in my packing adventures, I have to admit I'm getting a little bit more savvy~ the quantities of shoes I bring along have drastically declined and I consider that a huge success!

 I often hear of people saying, " I only travel with a carry on" and truth be told, I don't understand those people. I'd like to say to them, "Show me what's in your carry-on and explain to me how you plan to get through 12 days with only what's in this bag!"…