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Bolivia: Part 3. The Salt flats of Salar de Uyuni.

The Salt Flats That Stole My Heart
Once upon a time, I saw a social media post on Salar de Uyuni ~ the salt flats of Uyuni, in Bolivia and I knew that this magical place where surrealism and the skies reflections in the salt flats were every day occurrences, I knew I had to go there. Lucky for me, on my trip to Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni was on the itinerary and I was more than stoked to finally see myself there.
We hopped an airplane and headed to Uyuni and as we flew into Uyuni, I could see salt flats for as far as the eye could see. After arriving into the town of Uyuni,  we went for lunch at Tika restaurant for a delicious lunch of volcanic rock soup ( I can't recall the name of it but it had a piping hot lava stone in the soup that made the soup bubble and boil) followed by a myriad of other delicious dishes that left us all feeling full and happy.  The salty, dusty town of Uyuni. The town of Uyuni is like an old western town. The dusty roads, expansive desert and a smattering …