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Speechless in San Miguel de Allende.

I never thought I'd lack words to describe anything but when it comes to the Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende, I've come up short on adjectives that can accurately describe this gem of a town. We rolled into San Miguel which is in the state of Guanajuato. Our guide Jesus ( no, not the son of God), but our chauffeur navigated the narrow, cobblestone roads like he made the roads himself.  There are no stop lights in San Miguel and everyone simply yields to others if necessary. The roads were lined with houses in hues of  red, blue, yellow and every other color possible. The doors alone on the buildings were works of art as they were hundreds of years old, gigantic and extremely ornate. Those doors were created in  a labor of love. I could have taken thousands of photos of only doors in San Miguel because they were just /that/ beautiful.

Mexico is filled with cathedrals and San Miguel is no exception to the rule. I'm not Catholic nor am I bound to any religion but I can …

Day two of my my trek to Morelia . . .


Viva la Vida Travel goes to Morelia, Michoacan!

Image's a new term you may want to start using.


In the spirt of the holidays, consider this. . .

It's that time of year when we have barely gotten through the Halloween hoopla and are now force fed the Christmas season well before we are mentally prepared to deal with it. We haven't even reached Thanksgiving yet and the malls are offering pictures with Santa Claus! The toy catalogs have come out and the stress of buying that perfect gift for our family and friends is soaring high and occupying our waking ( and sometimes slumber) days with the never ending question, " What do I get him/ her/ them for Christmas?"  Are we really in the "spirit" to lay down money on gifts that may or may not ever get used or if they do, they get used throughout the holiday season and then get shoved aside to make room for more wishes and wants? Don't get me wrong, here, I'm no Scrooge and I do love Christmas and the holiday season. I really think, however, that material givings are way over rated and at the end of any year, we do not look back and say, "That …

I have been Sandal-ized!

As I sit here in chilly Minnesota post Sandals/ Beaches MEGA FAM trip down to Exuma, Nassau and Turks Caicos, I find myself exhausted but yet with a completely fired up and newly inspired vision for myself as well as future travelers. First of all, you're probably wondering what  a MEGA FAM is. . . let me explain. 150 travel agents from all over the midwest boarded a chartered Sandals airplane and flew down to the Caribbean to get a crash course in Sandals Emerald Bay, Royal Bahamian and Beaches Turks/ Caicos resorts. We disembarked planes, hopped on buses, toured resorts, ate delicious food, gulped down Beringer wine like it was going out of style, listened to live bands, then hopped aboard the plane to do it all over again but in a different resort and on a different island. Sandals footed the bill for all of us to come and experience their properties because they know that as travel agents, we cannot give accurate and personalized attention to our clients if we have not person…