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Would you if you could?

So, as a travel agent, but more so as a human being who is forever intrigued with deepening my connection to this world as well as with the people we share it with, I am always on the look out for travel opportunities that will fulfill the need for a spiritual connection.

While in Mexico, a new acquaintance introduced me to a couple of fellas from Tepotzlan, Mexico  which is about an hour or so outside of Mexico City. Both of these gentlemen were doctors as well as hoteliers but what struck me more fascinating about these guys was their energy. Turns out, one of them is a gamma meditation expert and the other one is a huge fan of shamanistic energy healing as well as meditation. Paths cross for a reason and running into these two men was not an accident.

So what is this blog about? It's about 1.) How cool it is to travel and meet such amazing and inspiring people, 2.) Mexico, and 3.) Trying your hands at a spiritual retreat in Mexico and gaining much needed insight into your soul …

The Travel Bug

We go to work. We take the kids to soccer and cheer them on in the freezing cold rain.  We wander mindlessly down the super market aisles. We drive our cars on auto pilot, getting lost in our  minds or in the routine of it all. We wonder if this is all that there is for us in this lifetime. We neglect our dreams and our wishes because we're working so hard to fulfill the American dream, or are we?

I have been this person and I dare to venture that many of you can relate to the monotony of  it all. What if you could walk through your every day life inspired? What if you could see things with a new pair of eyes? What if you felt fulfilled? That's a crazy concept for most people who trudge through life uninspired and lacking the luster they desire. Let me tell you folks,  you CAN feel all of those things. But "how?" you may ask. The answer comes to you in one word : TRAVEL. I can already hear the neigh sayers telling me how they can't afford it and how they don'…

Tianguis Turistico 2014

As a travel agent specializing in travel to Mexico, I was invited by the Mexico tourism board  to attend the grandest of all tourism events in Cancun,Mexico ~  Tianguis Turistico. This event brings together all of the states of Mexico, tour operators, hotels and other travel related operations to share travel opportunities to the beautiful country of Mexico. The President of Mexico was in attendance as was the actor Kevin Spacey. News crews from all over Mexico held interviews throughout the event while press from around the world came to share the magic of Mexico with the world at large. This, my friends, was THE event to attend in Mexico and I was very fortunate to be in attendance.

The Mexico Tourism board has done a fantastic job promoting the country, highlighting the uniqueness of every state within the country yet remaining "united" as a country. It is clear to me that Mexico is a united and cohesive country that values it's individuals as intricate strands in a w…