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My philosophy of travel.

What /is/ it about  travel that makes it so special? Is it the fact that we get to trade in our dull drum jobs for  one week and plant ourselves on the beach with a book in one hand and a fruity drink in the other? Is it the fact that we finally  get to be our long lost selves for a while? Is it the thrill of the adventure? Whatever travel does for you or to you, it's a good thing. I rarely hear people say that they are not keen on travel. I did have the conversation,however, with my cousin on travel and the importance of remaining "global minded" in this society. His response was this, " Nah, I'd rather buy a farm and  raise chickens." So, I guess it'd be safe to assume that not everyone is a global traveler. Some are local travelers, veering only to the next state or possibly only the next town over. Either way, however you choose to travel, the bottom line is that it sticks with you. That's what is so cool about travel. It leaves it's mark on…