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6 reasons why you need to travel to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has been on my radar to investigate as a "new" destination for travelers to explore ever since I read that Nicaragua is pegged to become the  new Costa Rica. I love Costa Rica. Costa Rica was my gateway country  into Central America many moons ago when I chose to study Spanish there while in college.

Everyone I ever knew who traveled to Nicaragua always said that it's so different from Costa Rica, that the vibe was totally different.  I wanted to know what made Nicaragua so different from Costa Rica; geographically speaking, they have some of the same things: mountains, volcanoes, beaches, rainforest's, etc so why the distinct contrast between Nicaragua and Costa Rica?
What's so great about Nicaragua?
1. The Volcanoes Nicaragua has 19 volcanoes. The skyline is riddled with volcanoes everywhere you look. On my last trip to Nicaragua, we visited Masaya Volcano National Park where we stood over the edge of a bubbling caldron of fiery red lava where clouds…

The men's travel movement.

As of late, I've been giving a lot of attention to why there's not more of a men's travel movement. I mean, Google women's travel and you'll find gobs of articles and websites that promote women's travel. Retreats, solo trips, group trips, women-centric trips that focus on empowerment and transformation, you name it, you'll find it. Google men's travel and you'll find websites that sell men's travel bags, gear, clothing, etc., but the first thing you will NOT find is anything about men's only travel trips.
I don't get it, yet again I do. Since women's liberation became a "thing", women have been forging ahead in the workplace, politics, home life, within their personal endeavors as well as in travel. Women have been on the rise long before we have been given the freedom to do so and now, we are seeing women transform themselves and redefine themselves over and over again, fearlessly in every aspect of their lives, includin…