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Tell Me What You Want.

The devil is in the details so . . .  Tell me what you want!

When we travel, whether we like to have expectations or not, we have them. Somewhere deep in our psyche, we have imagined how our destination, hotel and experiences will be. We fantasize about how we will feel when we finally arrive but sometimes, what we arrive at isn't remotely close to what we were expecting. As a travel agent, there is NOTHING worse than having unhappy clients, so I do everything in my power to prepare the clients for their trip by asking a lot of questions. Sometimes, because I am human and am prone to errors just like everyone else,  I have made oversights in travel planning and let me tell you, it sucks ~ not just for the traveler but for me, the travel agent.

Just like in any line of work, we master our craft as we go along, and working in the travel industry is no exception to that rule. That being said, here are some questions that I want you the traveler to consider when planning your vacatio…

A Call to Action!

A couple of months ago, I had returned from El Salvador with a vision to bring a group of people to explore the country, it's culture and to share the love of Zumba and volunteerism with the kids and families in need. Truth be gold, my dream wasn't well defined, only that I really wanted to bring the positivity and good vibes of my local Zumba community to the beautiful country of El Salvador to spread goodness all around and to aid in self growth through volunteerism.
Why do Zumba in El Salvador? That seems cheesy you may say. Well, here's why. Dance, no matter how good or bad you are at it, lifts your spirits. My instructor, Cathy Molinett has an infectious positive attitude that leaves even the most apprehensive of want to be dancer loving her Zumba classes. I wanted to bring THAT vibe to El Salvador and bring joy to those who need it.
Okay so....
After a couple of meetings with Cathy and another interested friend, our vision grew... BIG. So now, in addition to  doing …