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The journey to love.

The word love has many meanings and to each person that reads this, they will have their own definition of what love means to them.  For years I struggled to find what love really means to me. Is it found in another person? Does someone else bring out the love in us? Is it a defined action? Are the words, "I love you" meant to land up on the hearts of those only near and dear to us? I've questioned it a lot and have just lately realized what love is. 
I've traveled a lot these past years and have felt inspired and alive on most if not all of my travels. I attached the words of passionate, excited, happy, inspired to those experiences but the reality of it all is that in the moment, I was feeling love. I was BEING love. I never realized in all of my years that I was actually love. I never realized that when I was in a moment of not being stuck in my thoughts trying to figure out the situation but instead was acting out of the innocence of being in a new environment a…

Bigger isn't always better.

Peru has been on my personal bucket list for years. I decided that staring at pictures of Machu Picchu on Instagram were no longer fulfilling my wanderlust itch so I planned a trip to Peru. I partnered with a Peruvian tour operator, Apumayo Expediciones,  that also affiliates with the Adventure Travel Trade Association so I knew that I could trust them to be a quality partner in my planning. I designed this 12 day trip to Peru to reflect all that is important to me as well as to my business, Viva la Vida Travel. I wanted enriching experiences that brought us closer to the people, the gastronomy, it's culture and of course it's landscape. What we wound up with as a final itinerary was beyond my expectations.
There were five of us travelers total. If I were all about making a huge profit, I would have pushed to "sell" more spots on the trip, but that's not what I'm all about. I've traveled enough with travel agents in mass to know that trying to embrace the…