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The other side of the fence.


Today while I was at a women in business networking luncheon, I had the opportunity to discuss travel with some of the people present. I explained my approach to travel as being a way to bridge cultural gaps by offering up real and authentic cultural experiences. One woman proceeded to tell me about her experience while on a cruise through the Caribbean and in Honduras.

She mentioned to me that she had gone on a cruise to the Caribbean with her husband and one of the ports of call was in Honduras. They were advised to not go "beyond the fence" as it was deemed not safe for tourists. She explained to me that she was bored with the port shops and canned experiences that they discovered at every port of call and didn't really get a chance to explore the people or the culture of the destination as she'd wanted to. She had heard of a local cooperative on the other side of the "fence" that segregated the people of Honduras from the touris…

What our elders are teaching me. . .

If you're not an avid Viva la Vida Travel follower, let me catch up you up to speed on a little bit about me personally. Before I took the plunge and founded Viva la Vida Travel, I was a social worker. I have worked with just about every type of person under the sun and I have thoroughly enjoyed all that I was able to do while working with my clients. That being said, I am infinitely grateful for the life lessons they have taught me about perseverance, generosity, resiliency and hope.

Fast forward to today. It takes a long time for a business to flourish financially and Viva la Vida Travel is no exception to that rule. In attempts to make a little extra cash to cushion the not so busy times of year and to fuel my desire to serve others,  I took a job working as a caretaker of seniors who are living independently. I'm not making bank rolls of cash doing this job but it allows me a little extra money and a whole lot of wonderful experiences working with the elders of our commun…