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Solo Travel Challenge. . . The First Step.

I read all kinds of blogs about travel; blogs about family travel, the emotional benefits of travel, different ways to travel, cool places to travel and as of late, I read a blog on the benefits of solo travel. There is no question that traveling in and of itself has it's rewards. We get out of our day to day grind, we rest our weary bones, we indulge our senses in delicious food that other people cook for us, we partake in libations that  temporarily lift our spirits or relax our souls and we "get away from it all". Often times we don't get out of our comfort zones while on vacation but do the opposite and climb into a luxurious version of our comfort zones with those that we love and who we are comfortable being around. There's nothing wrong with this at all. . . AT ALL. . . but in the spirit of promoting travel that creates overall better and more fulfilled humans, I'm going to pose a challenge to you all, myself included.

Back to the topic of solo travel…