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The great moral conflict.

I just spent a few days touring resorts in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I've never been to this island before and wanted to know as much about it as I could in the 5 short days that I'd be there. I traveled with about 20 other travel agents with the goal of learning more about many of the all inclusive resort chains that are scattered everywhere in Punta Cana. I like to be up to date on hotels and destinations so that I can offer up sound advise when planning people's travels.

As I wandered in and out of some of the biggest all-inclusive resorts I have ever been on, a couple of thoughts kept racing through my mind. 1. How on earth could anyone find their way around this place? It's the size of a small town!, 2. Where on earth do they get all of the food, water, alcohol to feed so many people every single day of the year? and 3. As beautiful as every resort is, it seems so gluttonous to lie around, eating and drinking until the days roll into the nights.

I may …