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It's all about the food.

If you're anything like me, you return from your travels craving the foods and drinks that you indulged in while on your vacation. All of a sudden, your pizza doesn't taste nearly as good as it did while you were in Naples, Italy. That Chipotle burrito doesn't even compare to the plate of carnitas you experienced in the off the beaten path restaurant in Michoacan, Mexico. Nope, nothing tastes nearly as good as it does than while we are savoring it on our travels.

While I was in Michoacan, Mexico, we decided to indulge in some of the local street food. There's always a tinge of a " This could come back and haunt me" feeling when one decides to dive into street vendors delicacies in other countries, but the smells, oh my God the smells. . . like sirens to the sailors, they call to my belly and any ounce of over thinking about food poisoning goes out the window.

There it was, a heated box of pork carnitas. People lined up all around the street vendor waiting to s…